The Hebden 2021 – an update and pre-selection list

As it currently stands, we are unable to confirm whether The Hebden 2021 event will go ahead on Saturday 16 January 2021.

The primary concern is of course the health and safety of all entrants and all our volunteer team.

Currently, there is no certainty around us being able to hold the event and we would need a change to the current UK Government guidance to allow us to hold such a mass gathering event, allow use of the Headquarter facilities and then for us to consider whether we will have sufficient volunteers in place, without putting anybody at risk. 

As at 1 August 2020, based on the current guidance and the fact pattern outlined above, I think it is unlikely that we will hold the 2021 event, however at this stage we do have still have some hope and we do however have several months before we do need to decide.

On this basis, rather than open up the entry list as normal, I am opening up a pre-selection entry list on 1 August 2020 via SiEntries, where you can enter as normal but there is no guarantee of being offered a place and no payment is required at this stage.

This will ensure that we have sufficient interest to consider holding the event, allow us to communicate easily with those on the pre-selection list and keep you all fully informed of the plans for the events in 2021 and 2022.

Should we then confirm that we will open up entries, which I expect to be either 1 October 2020 or 1 November 2020, I can use the pre-selection list and this will give us sufficient time to arrange the event and consider what additional costs may be incurred. Depending on this, we may need to uplift the fee from £15 to £20 to cover the expected additional safety measures. I can then outline the process and timeframes for those invited to enter.

This will also avoid the need to take payments now and avoid the need for refunds later which will be a time-consuming process and incur bank charges and fees.

Any questions then please let me know.

Take care and please look after yourselves and others.

Kind regards


Gareth Baigent

Race Director

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