The Hebden 2020 – Bulletin No. 1

Friday 29 November 2019

This bulletin is going to all registered SiEntries entrants including those that have subsequently dropped out or transferred their places (as all entrants remain on the list). Please ignore this message if you have dropped out or transferred your place. 


As of 29 November 2019, we have 450 participants registered and 150 entries are on the waiting list. The 450 places were sold out in August 2019 in just 36 hours!

In prior year, we released 400 places in August and a further 50 in December.

With this in mind, I will be releasing a further 50 places on Monday 4 December to those on the waiting list – these will be in order of the waiting list and will give an access link for a period of 48 hours.

Once those 48 hours have elapsed and if there are links that have not been used, additional places/ links will be sent to the next entrants on the waiting list until the additional 50 places have been filled.

After this, any places will be subject to transfers or cancellations as outlined below.

Transfers and cancellations:

To date, all requested transfers have been made. Transfers can be made between Friday 1 December 2019 and Thursday 12 December 2019 via email.

The deadline for transferring places for free is 00:00 on Friday 6/ Thursday 12 December.

After this date, all transfers on or after Friday 6/ 13 December 2019 are at the discretion of the organisers and an additional administrative charge of £5 will be made to transfer any places.

The additional fee must be settled before a transfer can take place.

Additional information:

Additional race information for all entrants will be released before Christmas.

At this stage, the route remains unchanged and chop times will be based on the slowest speed of 3mph and 8 hours maximum time permitted (i.e. 08:00 to 16:00), cognisant of daylight hours. Our last competitor in 2019 was back at HQ by 15:40.

Gaz Baigent

Race Director

email – / mobile – 07900670356

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